"Karen can do it all. She is a fantastic writer, diligent editor and is one of the most valued members of our publishing team. She has written thousands of articles for us, with topics ranging from personal finance to education and always accomplishes her assignments with enthusiasm and class. Her ability to take initiative and come up with her own ideas while also taking feedback constructively is what sets her apart and makes her a very special writer." - Ben Wilson, Marketing Director and Founder, Remilon, LLC   

"Karen is a true workhorse. As both a writer and site editor at, I could count on her to deliver a consistent and accurate product. She is particuarly talented at being flexible and dealing with feedback or concerns. Karen's quiet maturity is a rarety in this profession." - Debbie Vasen, Group Editor, 

"As a site editor for, Karen illustrated a keen eye for detail, incredible reliability, and a positive attitude. Her editing and site management responsibilities were always done promptly and accurately. Her writing shows the ability to both capture the reader and relate information concisely. Resourceful and creative, Karen also contributed new ideas and improvements--she would be a valuable asset to any company. If you need a top-notch writer to count on and deliver, Karen is it." -
Amy Finley, Group Editor,

"Karen's writing is informative and entertaining; she has a real gift for turning an otherwise bland topic into an article that makes the reader eager to learn more. She's also one of the most attentive and detail-oriented people I have had the pleasure of working with. I'd highly recommend her services to anyone." - Dana Hinders, Group Editor,

"Karen was creative, informative, and down to earth in the presentation of proposed content for my site. She got everything right the first time and exceeded my expectations by turning my weak writing skills into something truly professional.
 The advertising copy that she wrote for my product information pages has prompted my website visitors into buying. I greatly appreciated her efforts and her ability to understand the vision of my site. Karen was really on our team and had a genuine interest in our success. Web Business Tools will be using Karen on an ongoing basis. I recommend her to anyone looking for a dependable, creative writer who can write in an informative, convincing way. She has an outstanding work ethic and proved it by providing excellent work while maintaining a quality relationship with my company." - Cliff Posey, Web Business Tools                       

"Karen has done a significant amount of work for our company. Her editing and proofreading skills have been invaluable to us. She has a keen eye for detail and a knack for catching mistakes that other people would miss. Above all, Karen is a pleasure to work with- always prompt and always professional." - A-09 Corporation

"I chose Karen out of a large pool of talented writers. I find her work to be clear, concise, and incredibly accurate. She has an excellent command of the English language and conveys it well through her work. I would recommend Karen's services to anyone who needs professional assistance at a fair price."
- S.E. Hanley, Chief Executive Officer, Bow Wow Pets

"Karen did a fine job for us, and I would not hesitate to use her skills again for any upcoming stories." - Mike Bogan, News/Sports Editor, Huron Daily Tribune


"I would recommend Karen's services to anyone! Karen's writing is truly remarkable; she is very informative, down to the point and enhances the writing by giving a very personal persona." - Stefan Marseglia, Journalist


"Karen is a take-charge person able to present creative ideas, communicate the benefits, successfully develop plans, and implement them. She has an independent article in our monthly newsletter, has written effective training modules, plus detailed information for our web page and composed original material for our CO-OP Advertising Department. Her dedicated work and enthusiasm make her a joy to work with. Karen always goes the extra mile." - Sue Geiger, Operations Manager, Gannett Directories


"I have had delightful experiences reading Karen's work. She has a fine command of the English language, a strong vocabulary, and understands how to keep the reader interested. Her works are colorful, with good attention to detail and written in a pleasing style." - D.L. Powell, Freelance Writer and Copyeditor




Samples of Karen's work can be found around the web. Thousands of published samples are available upon request.  



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