Amy Finley, Group Editor,


"As a site editor for, Karen illustrated a keen eye for detail, incredible reliability, and a positive attitude. Her editing and site management responsibilities were always done promptly and accurately. Her writing relates information concisely and captures the reader. Resourceful and creative, Karen also contributed new ideas and improvements--she would be a valuable asset to any company. If you need a top-notch writer to count on and deliver, Karen is it."

Service Flexibility

I am available for small and large projects and can work by the hour or for a flat fee



YOu have an idea. Let ME help you communicate it.

Client Strategy

My focus is on helping clients realize their vision and achieve their goals

18+ Years' Experience

I have almost two decades of professional writing and editing experience

Featured Testimonials

Ben Wilson, Founder,


"Karen can do it all. She is a fantastic writer, diligent editor and is one of the most valued members of our publishing team. She has written thousands of articles for us, with topics ranging from personal finance to education and always accomplishes her assignments with enthusiasm and class. Her ability to take initiative and come up with her own ideas while also taking feedback constructively is what sets her apart and makes her a very special writer."

Consistent Quality

You can expect consistent, high quality content that meets your needs